Potential Neon Cryptocurrency Futures

The following is one potential future. The future has not manifested yet.

Brave Browser supports a distributed advertising platform (DAP) that only accepts cryptocurrencies as payment. CPU and GPU mining are built into the Brave Browser for those that want to utilize it. They can choose which cryptocurrency to mine.

On distributed social media sites sites like Steemit, DTube and DSound, and yet to be created sites, posters utilize Smart Media Tokens or Basic Attention Token and the aforementioned distributed advertising platform to continually earn money from content. Brave Browser users that view adds are also paid.

Projects like Substratum, Interplanetary File System, and Shift massively decentralize most all hosted content. You use MetaMask to send Ethereum to sites for goods and services. Your supply of Manna increases each week, since it is a basic income cryptocurrency.

Brave Browser also integrates with Namecoin, so that you can host your content in a distributed fashion and still effectively utilize top level domains.

What will the future bring?