Ideas and Suggestions for the Reddit Alternative Steemit

If you do not know, Steemit is a social media site that compensates contributors with Steem, a blockchain token. Currently, Steemit is perhaps best seen as a Reddit alternative.

Steemit is significantly different than Reddit though. Contributors are compensated for posting content that other users like, and probably in other ways too. My understanding of the exact mechanisms of compensation on the site are not entirely clear. Reddit does not directly compensate users for contributing content, at least not in any way that can be converted into dollars.

Perhaps in the future, sites and apps could arise which could be used in place of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so forth. These sites could also compensate users with Steem.

I have a couple suggestions for how Steemit can be ever better.

My first suggestion is to have a way to filter out certain tags and topics. I do not want to see posts in Korean.

My second suggestion is that, ideally, it could be easier to convert Steem into Bitcoin, dollars, or other different cryptocurrencies.

Steemit could quite well be the future of social media. It seems to largely emulate the functionality of Reddit right now. It also appears to have a decently large amount of contributors/users.

If these suggestions have already been implemented, please let me know and forget that I wrote this post.

Steemit seems to hold a great deal of potentially in transforming social media for the better. Steemit currently seems to function as a decent Reddit alternative, and hopefully it will keep evolving into something even better.