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Exploring Asteroid Mining and the Colonization of Mars: A Future Perspective

The prospect of asteroid mining and the colonization of Mars encapsulates not just a leap towards extraordinary scientific advancements but also poses unique challenges and opportunities. These two frontiers, though interrelated, open up pathways to addressing Earth’s resource limitations and the broader ambition of establishing human presence in outer space. The Allure of Asteroid Mining…

How to Live a Meaningful Life Worth Living

Here are some ideas about how to live a meaningful life, and how to create a life worth living for one’s own self. The journey towards living a meaningful and fulfilling life will likely be different for each individual human on Earth, and will also likely be possible for each individual human on Earth. There…

Asteroid Mining May Benefit Humanity

The Earth orbits sluggishly around the sun with about 13,000 asteroids passing close by. These are known as Near-Earth Objects (NEOs), these asteroids are not just heavenly curiosities, but can be considered as space treasures. They contain resources which could unlock the door to large amount of riches and wealth, the space equivalent of oil…

Bitcoin Cash Can Help to Increase Prosperity on Earth

It’s difficult to find anyone nowadays who hasn’t heard about the phenomenon of cryptocurrency and the potential it has to make financial transactions super transparent, quicker, and much more secure. Bitcoin is by far the most popular word in the cryptocurrency world and though it appears to be invincible, it has issues of its own…

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) a new form of social and economic organization enabled by blockchain technology, smart contracts, and cryptocurrencies. This is about how to start a DAO. There are multiple ways to start a decentralized autonomous organization. This is just one method. Decide on a reason for a DAO and the functions that you…