Ten Riff is dedicated to sharing ideas about solving problems, experiencing more happiness and creating more peace on Earth.

Ten Riff is constantly evolving.

We hope that you enjoy your time on this site.

Ten Riff is about enjoying life and being creative.

“Ten” means “Heaven” in Japanese. ACIM Heaven was more of a focus. However, this site is more of a focus now than ACIM Heaven.

Ten Riff is an evolution of the site ACIM Heaven.

Honestly, I, Michael Ten feels like ACIM itself can be too dogmatic and to simply hold ACIM as the only Truth can be limiting. ACIM itself even notes that it is not the only Truth. However, to treat ACIM as the only Truth can be limiting. Ten Riff is meant to transcend these limitations.

This site is about establishing Heaven on Earth.

This site is about spirituality, metaphysics, abundance, religion and theology.

Psychology can also relate to those, so this site will also be about psychology, philosophy and other topics that indirectly relate to spirituality, metaphysics, religion and theology.

This site is about how technology can help to create more well being on Earth and how this relates to psychology and spirituality.

Ten Riff was founded in 2014.

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