Experience More Happiness

There are many ways to experience more happiness. There is perhaps no limit to the amount of happiness that one can theoretically experience. Hopefully all humans on Earth will experience a great deal of happiness. Thinking clearly can be a good way to experience more happiness.

Being treated with dignity and respect is a good way of helping one to experience more happiness. It is good to cease being around individuals who are negative or hostile. Breathing deeply can be a way to experience a bit more happiness.

Some behaviors will increase happiness by a little. Some behaviors have the potential to increase one’s own happiness a great deal. Solving problems can be a good way to experience more happiness.

It is sometimes important to try and take actions to prevent problems that might decrease one’s own happiness. For example, stopping smoking cigarettes can be a good way to reduce one’s risk for developing certain types of cancer. Cancer is something that can significantly lower one’s level of happiness. Therefore, taking action to preserve the happiness that one does have can be quite important. This can be generalized to other behaviors aside from just smoking cigarettes. For example, this logic would dictate to do things like save money, not drive dangerously and so forth.

Earning money can be a good way to experience more happiness. Money will only help to increase happiness to a certain extent though. By itself, money will mostly not create happiness.

Developing social relationships that are based on mutual respect and kindness can be a good way to experience more happiness.

Of course, if there is a real danger, like a huge earthquake, experience other emotions that are neutral or negative may actually be functional. However, for the most part, it is good when humans experience pleasant emotions.

Feeling happiness is for the most part much more desirable than experiencing neutral or negative emotions. There are many ways to potentially experience more happiness.