I Am Running for Oregon Governor as Part of the Futurist Party

I am running for Oregon Governor in 2018 as part of Futurist Party. For now, if you live in Oregon, please plan on writing my name in on the ballot when you vote for Governor. Write in “Scott Everhart” please. I may be an option on the ballot, but that is to be determined.

My main purpose for running for Governor is that I want to see aging defeated. I want to help hasten the defeat of aging. Far too few politicians are advocating for massive funding increases towards medical research that could bring about the defeat of aging. I am hoping to change that. More politicians and political candidates need to come out as ardent opponents of aging.

If I am elected Governor of Oregon, then I will do everything possible to have Oregon lead the endeavor to see aging defeated. I will attempt to bring organizations to Oregon that are dedicated to hastening the defeat of aging.

If I am Governor, then I will try to help make significant amount of funds available for organizations like SENS Research Foundation, Methuselah Foundation, Buck Institute for Research on Aging, and Life Extension Advocacy Foundation.

The book Ending Aging: The Rejuvenation Breakthroughs That Could Reverse Human Aging in Our Lifetime by Aubrey de Grey and Michael Rae has inspired me to do what I can to help defeat aging. I hope that you read this book. It helped to realize that aging is our worst humanitarian crisis. Aging ends the lives of about 100,000 individuals each day!

Zoltan Istvan has inspired me to run for Governor of Oregon. He was a Presidential candidate for the Transhumanist Party in 2016.

I also support more Futurist ideas like universal basic income, space exploration and settlement, funding the development of artificial womb technologies, cryonics as a realistic for all who want it, free higher education, outlawing non-consensual psychiatry, and more. I will post more details later. My biggest desire is to see aging defeated though, so that will be my main focus.

So again, when it comes time to vote for Governor of Oregon in 2018, please write in the name “Scott Everhart”. Support Futurist Party candidates! Do what you can to help hasten the defeat of aging. Thank you for reading this, and cheers!