Off Earth Colonization Is Necessary

Humans need to colonize other areas of this Universe in addition to just Earth. Humans are at risk of existential threats. Nuclear war, meteors or some other potentially unpredictable threat might potentially make it so this Earth is partially or completely no longer habitable for humans. Such an event is extremely unlikely to occur. However, it is not impossible that such an event does occur.

Lifeboat Foundation is one nongovernmental organization that is attempting to protect humanity from existential threats. Hopefully more individuals will support this organization and other organizations like it. Hopefully more organizations like Lifeboat Foundation will exist. Hopefully more individuals will donate money to Lifeboat Foundation.

Hopefully humans will colonize extrasolar planets and other areas of this Universe other than just Earth sooner rather than later. Hopefully humans can survive indefinitely and will still exist in this Universe a trillion years from now. Hopefully all humans will do all that is possible to help humanity survive over the long term. The segments of humanity that are decent and kind definitely deserve to exist indefinitely.

Hopefully more individuals will research and study technologies that are necessary for off Earth colonization in space. Space colonization may be a great economic gain for humanity. Asteroid mining might be quite profitable eventually. Hopefully humans will exist indefinitely. Hopefully Earth will be habitable for trillions of years. Star engineering might be needed for that to ever happen since this Sun in this Solar System will eventually burn out of nothing is done.

Hopefully more individuals will study, learn about and research aerospace engineering and astrophysics. Hopefully more humans will become aware of potential existential threats to humanity. Hopefully all humans can live in peace and abundance in this Universe. Perhaps trillions of humans will eventually exist in this Universe once humans start to colonize extrasolar planets. Off Earth colonization is necessary.