Decentralizing Wikis Like Wikipedia Using Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Can wikis be decentralized using blockchain technologies? Projects like Substratum, Shift, Sia, Golem, and IPFS might help to enable the decentralization of wikis. Cryptocurrencies like Steem can perhaps be used to reward contributors and editors on the decentralized wikis. Perhaps a new cryptocurrency will be created to reward and tip contributors and editors on decentralized wikis.

Wikipedia is the most popular wiki. There are many wikis out there. Wikipedia runs on software called MediaWiki. Wikipedia content is licensed under a Creative Commons license. The license of Wikipedia is CC-By-SA, which means it is a Creative Commons license that allows you to edit and re-publish content, and even to monetize the content, as long as you reshare it under the same Creative Commons license and give attribution to the contributors/creators of the often collaborative content.

So perhaps the software running wikis can be decentralized. Perhaps also, wikis can have functionality to reward people for editing, and also allow for people to tip one another cryptocurrency. Individuals who run nodes of the decentralized wikis can be rewarded with cryptocurrency. Perhaps MediaWiki or WordPress can be forked, edited, or have plugins/extensions created to support decentralization and cryptocurrencies. Perhaps readers can mine cryptocurrency in their browser while viewing content from the wiki, or perhaps a decentralized advertising platform could serve ads to users who do not contribute to the wiki, and who do not want to mine cryptocurrency in their browser. Perhaps viewing the content of the wiki (which could include text, pictures, video, and audio) wiki can be free to all. More closely examining cryptoeconomics can determine what the best sustainable structure might be. It will be interested to see if wiki technology can be decentralized and incentivized using blockchain and cryptocurrencies.