I want to spread the idea of TenQiDo, or Way of Sublime Energy or Way of Heavenly Energy.

​How did I think of the idea of TenQiDo?
I have practiced QiGong and TaiChi for about six years now. Previously, I had practiced AiKiDo for 9 years, and earned a teaching Black Belt in that art. I also practiced HapKiDo and Chung Do Kwan TaeKwonDo for about 9 years. ​I have practiced JuDo for about three years as well. These different arts all have unique properties. TenQiDo can be thought of as being the synthesis of certain movements, philosophy, and qualities of these arts together. I have blended aspects of each of these practices to synthesize what I think is well described as TenQiDo.

About TenQiDo
TenQiDo can be thought as roughly meaning The Way of Heavenly Energy, The Way of Sublime Energy, or The Way of Utopian Energy. TenQiDo is a martial art that is not a martial art.

In the AiKiDo related book, The Art of Peace, there is a calligraphy of the Japanese word for Heaven. The book translates Ten to mean Heaven. Ki and Qi roughly means Life Energy or Life Spirit. Do means Way.

QiGong roughly means Life Energy Cultivation. QiGong is a little bit like Yoga. AiKiDo is a little bit like dancing, at least. There is an AiKiDo related book call It’s a Lot Like Dancing: An Aikido Journey by Terry Dobson. QiGong often involves gentle stretching and deep breathing. TenQiDo can involve QiGong exercises and practices.

The term AiKiDo can literally mean (roughly) The Way of Harmonizing Life Energy or The Way of Harmonious Life Energy. A part of The Art of Peace talks about the religious and theological leanings of Morihei Ueshiba, and has a quote of his which mentions establishing Heaven on Earth with the assistance of BuDo (martial way) that contains no hatred nor greed. I have thought about this at least a decent amount. You can consult The Art of Peace to learn more about that.

AiKiDo has impacted me with respects to how I see the philosophy involved with martial arts and in regards to existential matters in general. The philosophy of JuDo has also impacted me significantly.

The philosophy of JuDo has two parts. The first is to use maximum efficiency and minimum effort in your endeavors. The second is to benefit both oneself and others. This has impacted me. TenQiDo should embrace this philosophy.

The Art of Peace has influenced me significantly. The Art of Peace is a collection of stories, quotes, writings, and calligraphy by the founder of AiKiDo, Morihei Ueshiba. In the The Art of Peace.

By supporting me on this Patreon, you can consider yourself to be an official practitioner of TenQiDo. You can also know that you are helping me to spread, develop, and share the idea of TenQiDo. To be a practitioner of AiKiDo is to be an AiKiDoKa. To practice TenQiDo is to be a TenQiDoKa.

If you feel that you can explain TenQiDo better to humanity, then please do so. I am not the ultimate authority when it comes to TenQiDo, Authentic Truth is.

How can you start practicing TenQiDo?
Here is how you can start practicing TenQiDo. In theory, TenQiDo can involve TaiChi forms and AikiDo and JuDo throws and movements. TenQiDo can definitely involve movements of QiGong or Yoga. TenQiDo can involve gentle stretching and deep breathing.

TenQiDo involves attempting to be as healthy as possible, and by attempting to experience as much happiness as is possible. TenQiDo involves doing what is possible to help establish as much Authentic and Sustainable Peace on this Earth as is possible. This might mean volunteering to help those who are in need of help. This might mean donating money to organizations that help to alleviate poverty, or to an organization that helps to defeat or eliminate some tragic and severe medical condition.

Going to a gym can be part of practicing TenQiDo. Eat healthier foods and less unhealthy foods can be part of practicing TenQiDo. Going for a walk can potentially be part of practicing TenQiDo.

Going to a martial arts school to practice JuDo, AiKiDo, or TaiChi can be part of practicing TenQiDo.

Perhaps in the future brick and mortar TenQiDo schools will be created. For now, TenQiDo is an idea that I am attempting to disseminate and spread through writings and other media.