A Course In Miracles Is a Beautiful Book

A Course in Miracles or ACIM is, as the name suggests, a teaching device. The Course helps us to experience our own inner teacher directly and so helps us learn what is unreal and what is real. There are three parts in which the Course is arranged: a workbook for students, a manual for teachers and a text.

The concepts that form the foundation of the ACIM Course are presented in the Text. Students are given the opportunity to practically experience and apply concepts that are outlined in the 365 daily lessons contained in the Workbook. Clarification of terms that are encountered throughout the Course is presented in the teacher’s manual. The manual, that takes a question and answer format also highlights those questions likely to be asked by students.

Who wrote the course? Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford wrote the Course. They were both successful and well trained psychology professors at Columbia‚Äôs University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons located in New York City. The Course was sort of written by Helen. She would write down the messages she received internally. Her shorthand notes would then be typed by Bill.

Published for the first time in the United States in about the year 1976, it had taken no less than seven years for ACIM to be completed. Additional pamphlets were written by Helen. In 1978 and 1977, The Gift of God and Her Song of Prayer were published. The popularity of A Course in Miracles has increased worldwide over the past 34 years. There are already 18 different translations into different languages with more to come in the future.

Like minded students gather together around the Earth in order to share and better comprehend the message of the ACIM Course. ACIM may also be available electronically in any of the following forms, on CD, through iPhone Apps and in eBook format. Social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Yahoo Groups allow for interaction between students of the Course.

What kind of experience can you expect? The Course is crafted to be a tool of self-study. Since the Course presents a change in perspective that is not in keeping with tradition ways of thinking, for some students, their first interaction might be overwhelming and difficult. It perhaps helps to take an introductory class that is presented by a trained teacher. Taking an introductory class allows for a more gradual exposure to the new ideas of the Course, thus the overall experience for students is more fulfilling.

T he philosophy of A Course in Miracles has formed the basis of many courses and classes. Key concepts of the Course such as Cause and Effect and True Forgiveness have also given rise to specific classes. The opportunity to experience the application and theory of specific material more deeply is given to students who take advantage of these classes. This deep experience allows the students of the Course to realize the joy of knowing their Inner Teacher and be reassured through finding inner peace.